Wk 1 – Jonathan Garcia – Classmate

Jonathan is currently a junior here at CSULB. He is majoring in Health Care Administration and is planning on being his own boss one day, as well as having his own business. Like me, Jonathan is from Southern California. He lives in a bordering city from my hometown; he lives in South Gate. He went to South Gate High School and graduated in 2012. An interesting fact about him is that he skipped fourth grade. Not many people can say that they skipped a grade and I find it impressive that he was able to do so.

Jonathan explained to me how he spends his time. He goes to school full-time and also works full-time. I can tell that it is a very difficult task by the way he described his schedule and his day to me. From school, he leaves immediately to his job as a sales associate. Generally, he arrives back to his house around 11 p.m. He told me that he sleeps very little, but has gotten used to his rigorous routine. Personally, I applaud his difficult schedule and his determination. Not many people can do what he does and I respect his dedication.

He told me about his hobbies, which I also found to be intriguing. Jonathan is a car enthusiast. I have met many people who are car lovers in the past; however, Jonathan told me about the three cars that he owns. He owns vehicles for different uses. He owns a car for everyday use, for racing, and another that is more luxurious and that he keeps in a garage and for special occasions only. Recently, he crashed his racing car, which is a Civic, and has just purchased his everyday use vehicle a month ago. My conversation with Jonathan was both intriguing and refreshing. 

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