Wk 1 – Artist Interview – April Bey


April Bey did a rather interesting piece on society’s view and our culture titled, Who Do You Worship? The piece is composed of four images of what society finds  acceptable to worship and/or does worship. Each image has the saying “Keep calm and…” This saying has become a popular phrase in our society as of late. Sayings such as “Keep calm and carry  on” to “Keep calm and love Batman” have been posted and seen all over the internet, displaying different views and opinions of many in our society. Who Do You Worship? is a criticism of the opinions and  attractions of those today.

The first imagine, “Keep calm and worship Beyonce” accompanied with a cross and a picture of Beyonce, depicts society’s glorification and appraisal of pop culture and celebrities. We worship the famous because of their status or talents like we would worship a god or a higher power. Celebrities are human beings just like everyone else, but we treat them as deities, adding onto their fortunes and picking up their trends. We have moved from the worshiping of a god to the worshiping of celebrities.

The next image contains the phrase “Keep calm show your tits.” A woman’s imagine is very big currently in our culture. Women dress much differently now than they did decades ago. Women wear shorter shorts and crop tops, tighter and shorter dresses, as  well as lower cut tops. It is culturally acceptable to show more skin and many teens as well as adults have grown accustomed to this new style. The glorification of celebrities also adds to his image as well. Many celebrities have been known to flash their body parts “accidentally” on stage or in pictures, making it more acceptable and popular for others to have these “accidents.”

The third image criticizes the glorification of the trash that is seen on TV or these celebrities. Miley Cyrus is seen in the background of this image. Many glorify her and her actions even though her character and outrageous actions seen on award shows or her music videos can be seen as trash. The fourth image clearly addresses the other three images. We now worship the trash that is pop culture. Society is shallow in its appraisal of people and the worshiping of certain people that are now seen as deities.

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