Wk. 2 – Activity – Instagram

Instagram is a very popular app that allows users to post pictures and share them with their friends/followers. It seems as though “everyone” uses it. The activity for this week was to post images on this social media of things we did on one day. Seeing everyone’s posts led to an interesting thought.

It is very interesting to see the pictures of Art 110.  They are all very similar, but at the same time significantly different. Each person in the class does different and unique things, however they are things that are relatable to everyone in the class. We all do generic things throughout the day. We wake up, eat food throughout the day, go to class, relax, do work, and go to bed at the end of the day. What’s interesting are how differently we do the similar activities we each do throughout the day and how all of our lives connection at Art 110 from 11 am to 12:45 pm.

Each of us finds some form of transportation to get us to CSULB. unnamed (5)unnamed (6)Some even find different transportation to get them to the class itself and around campus. For example, these two people on the right each have different forms of getting around, a skateboard and a car, a cool skateboard by the way. Each with their different lives and different personalities, but both with a place to go and a way of getting there.


unnamed (7)unnamed (8)Another universal activity that all of us tend to do in the morning is each breakfast or some sustenance to get us through the day. The image on the right depicts a more nutritious breakfast: eggs and bacon. The second image shows the persons quick and easy meal, a granola bar. These two pictures tell a lot about both individuals. The first individual might have more time in the morning to cook an actually meal or they may possibly need more food in the morning. The second individual might not have the time to actually cook a meal in the mornings. Or perhaps they might not feel hungry or see the reason as to eat more in the mornings. Simple pictures, such as these, give us some insight in a persons life and even show similarities and differences in comparison to someone else’s.

unnamed (3)

What i found to be rather interesting was that we each lead different lives with different hobbies or ways to pass the time, yet we are similar as well. Our lives all connect at the same time. We all meet for class at the same hour on the same days. During that time, we are all exposed to the same thing and we do the same thing at the same time. After class, we go back to doing whatever it is we each do on our spare times. For example, the person on the right is an  archer. I assume that not many people in the class have the same passion for archery as he does. Not many will go out shooting at targets like he might.


Other activities include: medical treatment, hanging out with friends and listening to music

unnamed (2)

unnamed (4)unnamed










Overall, the collaboration on Instagram gave us some insight on the lives of those who posted pictures. It allowed us to see the differences and similarities in our individual lives. It is interesting how we each have different things going on and different passions that we, as classmates, may not know about each other. With the differences and similarities that we observe, it is interesting to think that even though we each have different lives, we all meet at the same place, at the same time, on the same days, then continue living our individual lives. 

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