Wk 2 – Classmate Interview – Sergio Melendez

Sergio Melendez is a sophomore at Cal State Long Beach. He was very interesting to talk to. We found out that we both had an interest in film. He is currently a film major and I am currently thinking about majoring in film, as well. We had a long conversation about different aspects of film for a bit, which was very interesting. Talking to others about mutual interest makes the conversation even more intriguing. 

Sergio shared with me some information about his background. He described his family to me. He has a total of four siblings: two older brothers and two older sisters. He is actually the youngest in his family. He is from Santa Cruz and went to Aptos High School. There he was the linebacker on the football team. His two favorite sports include football, of course, and basketball, as well. I too love basketball. 

Another similarity we discovered was that  we both have two dogs. He has two American pit bulls and I have to chihuahuas. His taste in music is hip-hip and reggae and his favorite movie is Superbad.  


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