Wk. 2 – Artist Interview – Shiva Aliabadi











This week, Shiva Aliabadi’s Traces II interested me the most out of the rest of the pieces in the gallery. She did an interesting piece exhibiting the ephemeral instances of presence. It is composed of an adhesive roll hung on the wall with blue holi powder both on the adhesive roll and the floor below it. The artwork is a testament to other installations that are now gone and have disappeared. It attempts to preserve and display immortality.

The simplicity of the piece drew me to it most. The powder and plastic roll, along with the trace of the roll on the floor, may seem simple and obvious; however, it has so many meanings and can be interpreted in different ways. At first glance, Aliabadi’s art looked like a doorway, due to the plastic roll on the wall, then, looking at the floor, it looked like it could be a grave because of the traces in the powder. 

The blue holi powder gives it a cold feeling. Knowing that the piece is about the preservation of immortality and the briefness of everything’s existence. The ephemerality of existence may bring a cold and solemn mood to those that observe this interesting blue artwork. 

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