Wk 3 – Classmate Interview – Emily Bondoc

This week Emily Bondoc and I had the chance to interview each other for the classmate interview activity. Emily is from Cerritos and went to Cerritos High School. When she was a junior at Cerritos, she was on the JV basketball team. At her high school she was also part of a debate team that she joined mainly for the experience. Like me, she is a freshman and commutes to school since she is only twenty minutes away from campus. She is currently a Human Resources Management major. She was excited when she talked to me about all the possibilities her major can lead her to. She primarily wants to help people; her major can lead her to travel or becoming a hotel manager. She is even interested in hospitality and, possibly, working for Disney on the cruise line. She also told me that many tell her that she would be perfect for Disney due to her happy and cheerful personality.

Her family is a tradition Filipino family. Her parents met here in the United States. Her father was a citizen and her mother had just immigrated here. They met, became friends, married in order for her mother to receive a green card, and then fell in love. It is a rather unique story and very interesting, as well. We talked about siblings and I was informed that she, too, has an older sister that is older than her by ten years and works for Disney. The reason being that Emily was an “oopsy baby” in the words of her mother and a “miracle baby” in the words of her father, which I thought was kind of amusing. Emily told me that her mother pushes her older daughter, Emerald, to have babies. She claims that she isn’t getting any younger and wants grandchildren. Emily had funny stories to tell me about her family.

While we were talking, Emily expressed to me her hunger and we became conversing about food. At the time, she was hungry for Chipotle, but she did tell me that one of her favorite foods is Hawaiian food. She also agreed with me on the tastiness of Chinese food. Then, we talked about music tastes. She prefers pop and oldies because her parents brought her up with that kind of music. She also knows how to play some piano. She learned how to play in elementary school, grades one to five. She remembers only bits and pieces of songs that she learned in that time.

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