Wk 3 – Activity – Kickstarter

The kickstarter above is entitled “Beep: A Documentary History of Video Game Music & Sound.” The creators of this idea are passionate about the behind-the-scenes aspect of the sound effects and music that are installed into video games. Each sound that is found in a video game comes from some sort of real life noise. It takes creativity, time, and effort to create each and every sound on a video game.

Like the director, Karen Collins, of this film said, many people love and know music from video games, such as the Super Mario theme song, however many do not know who composed this music. This documentary wants to tell the stories of those who composed video game music since they rarely get recognition. I think it would be interesting to find out more about the composed and the footage, the sound effects, voices, and music installed into video games.

Movies, for example, tend to have special features on DVDs that allows the audience to gain insight on the effects used in a movie and the making of a movie. Video games have never had that kind of exposure. A film has not been made displaying the making of the sounds on these games and i think many would love to see a documentary that would allow them to hear the stories behind the songs of their favorite games.

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