Wk3 – Artist Interview – Christopher Vavrek

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Vavrek’s exhibition called “Sever and Protect the Virus” was one of the most unique and amazing pieces I have seen in one of the galleries. His piece took up the entire gallery and was a maze of recognizable elements in unprecedented situations. Immediately when you walk in you are exposed to these cables dangling down like vines at the entrance of the exhibition.

Image of a hidden blue man

As you continue walking in, the viewer is exposed to a cluster of technological devices and common objects seen in every day life. However, these objects are put under a different life. a ladder is seen towards the entrance being surrounded by several flashing television and computer screens. There are projectors projecting images onto walls and wooded panels of the systems that run it. The gallery is dark and is primarily lit by television screens and projected lights IMAG0014throughout High stacks of movies and paint jars are displaced with flashing and movie neon lights, which was rather exciting and interesting to view. One of the more unique and surprising features of this piece was a picture of what looked like a blue man with his hands on his face displayed on a screen, hidden behind some devices on the floor. The image moved and was one of the more memorable parts of the work due to its out of place context. Another one of my favorite parts was the image a projector had on a wall (the image on the right). When I experienced this image in person, it had no significance or importance to me at the time; however, reviewing the image later, my view of it changed. It seemed to be projected on the wall in an interesting and abstract way.

The piece itself seemed to be criticizing technology and the mass media around us. They way so many devices that most of us use everyday and have at home were displayed and used to exaggerate certain aspects of mass media was interesting to experience. The exhibition forced the viewer to think about all the ways that technology has  taken over our lives and clustered our spaces. It is one of the most intersecting pieces i have seen.

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