Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Juaquin Durazo

Juaquin is currently a freshman and a History major. He commutes from Downey and has classes every day of the week. He lives in a home with both his parents and two brothers, one older and the other younger. He is a dog lover and has three dogs: two beagles, which he does not like that much, and a Labrador named Lola, who is his favorite.

Juaquin likes to spend his time playing video games and watching Netflix, like many other people our age; we have that in common. He enjoys playing Black Ops with friends and his favorite show is Teen Wolf. We walked around the galleries and had conversations about each art piece. We enjoyed looking at all the abstract and other unique pieces that were displayed in the galleries. 

At his old high school, he was on the wrestling team as a heavy weight. He told me about different techniques they taught him and about several matches he had with other people. He told me different ways opponents intimidated him. For example, he describe one of his opponents to me. He said that he had to go up against a guy that had a tattoo of the Star of David in front of an American flag. Juaquin thought he was going to be a tough competitor, but he ended up winning the match. Our conversation was rather interesting. 

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