Wk4 – Activity – Plaster Casting

This week’s activity was plaster casting. This activity has beIMAG0113en one of my favorite to do. It involved going to the beach, which is always fun since we live in southern California, and making a ccast of a body part. I went to the beach on Friday and it was a beatiful day to be outside. The beach I went  to was quiet, secluded and had a beautiful view. There weren’t waves and the water was clear and warm.

IMAG0112When I got to the beach, I dug a hole near the ocean, but not too close to were the water would get into the hole. The hole was big enough to put my arm in halfway up my forearm. I, then, packed in moist, wet sand in the hole while my arm was in there to create the mold of my arm. After the mold was complete, I pulled my arm out and began to put the plaster together. After the mix of plaster and water was created, I carefully poured it into the mold I created in the sand and waited for it to dry. Once I poured it in, however, I noticed that the plastter appeared too think so I decided to make another cast of my foot. I quickly went through the process again and added more water to the plaster. Then, I poured it into my second mold, while the first one was dying. This plaster seemed to be more watery than I think it was supposed to be.

While waiting for the plaster to dry, I enjoyed my day at the beach. I dipped my feet in the clear water and was able to even see group of tiny fish swimming along the shore. The water was warm and enjoyable. I also laid and played on the sand for a while. After about twenty minutes had past,  the water was coming closer and closer to my molds to a point where I had to dig them out before they were fully ready. The first mold ended up cracking in the middle and its form was also not very clear;  the second one did not dry enough and i had to throw the plaster back in the bucket.

I spent some time there at the beach after my cast was finished. The experience was rather entertaining and enjoyable to do. The only downside of the day was that, at the end, I ended up accidentally stepping on the hand part of the cast.


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