Wk5 – Artist Interview – Photography Symposium

There was a great exhibition in one of the galleries this week. The collection of photographs all had different representations and meanings, but, for the most part, they were all interesting and unique. Photos of bridges and their architecture, as well as photos of a couch in the countryside were displayed in the exhibition. The one that drew me in the most was a picture showing a young girl with her hand on a window. The photograph is in black and white and caught my attention while exploring the gallery.

Immediately the photograph gave me the feeling of sadness and isolation. The young girl has a face of pure melancholy. She clings to the window as if she is in pain, not physically, but mentally. She seems to have gone through a great deal of heartache. Personally, the photograph represents child abuse. She appears to have suffered that horrible experience.

Everything about this photograph screams pain. Her expression, her positioning and stance, and the color of the photograph, all play important roles in portraying both sadness and sympathy to the viewer. She is looking down, as if there is no good in life to keep her head up, or as if what has been done to her has made her feel less than every other thing in this world. The way she is placed in the photograph is significant, as well. She is almost hugging the window and her hand is placed on the glass. To me, the placement of her hand on the glass is extremely important. It is sort of a symbol for help when a hand is placed on a glass, the way she is placing hers. It is as if she is crying out for help. The glass itself has water drops on it, as if it had been raining or was wet by some other source. It seems more probable that it has been raining. Rain always symbolizes sadness, which adds to the melancholy theme.

In addition. The photograph is in black and white. There are no other colors. It adds a sense of sadness. Color signifies joy and happiness. The black and white makes it colder and less joyful. Behind the girl, is complete darkness. There is no light or any other object behind her. It appears as if she is all alone. The photo is about a young girl that has had significant struggles in life. She could either have been a child of abuse or some other terrible experience. Various elements add to the very melancholy emotion that is captured in the photograph.

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