Wk5 – Classmate Interview – Bowas Yang

For this week’s classmate interview I met Bowas Yang. While talking to him, Bowas and I discovered that we have a couple of things in common. We are both from around the area. I am from Downey and he is from Fullerton. We found that we both commute to school as well. Something I wish I would have asked him was why he didn’t go to Cal State Fullerton instead. That question did come to mind while having the conversation with him. He also told me that he is a film major. I am currently thinking about majoring in film because I do have passion for both movies and film making.

We both were dressed for the counterfactual activity of the week, which gave us more to talk about. Bowas was dressed as a heavy metal, dark dressed individual all in black. His shirt, pants, and shoes were all black and he successfully pulled off the appearance. I was dressed on the more formal side. Our counterfactual identities were rather opposite. He was more of the angry, heavy metal, quiet person and I was the more formal professional looking one.

The next topic of conversation was the art we were observing. He seemed to be a very artistic person in the way he talking about the art pieces. He asked me if I told the truth about the art and my feelings towards it or if I simply said everything I saw was interesting. I told him that usually the things I write about are interesting to me. He explained to me that he is blunt with his interpretations and reactions to the art exhibited that week. He talked about how most of the art is meant to be discomforting to the viewer. Most of the pieces displayed had distorted people or unusual images and he felt that it is all meant to make the viewer feel uncomfortable and confused. He feels that artists that do this are rather unoriginal and that does not appeal to him.

Bowas told me about one of his hobbies. He enjoys playing guitar and listening to music on his spare time. Currently, he owns an Ibanez and a Jackson Dinky. He plays these off of a Fender amp. The way that he described his guitars and the fender, as well, I could tell that he is passionate about both music and his instruments. Our conversation this week was a bit unique.

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