Wk6 – Activity – Drawing (French Girls)

This week’s activity was interesting. We had to work on drawing; however we drew on the app called French Girls. French Girls is a really interesting app and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The purpose of the app is to post selfies and to draw, of course. People post selfies or pictures of other things, some even post their pet’s selfies, and random users draw their posts. All posts are anonymous and do not require a name or any other information. The app is really nice because you get to explore and see what others have drawn. Some people get very creative with their drawings and others are insanely talented. It is difficult drawing on a tablet or electronic devices, but some people draw some very extraordinary things.

I liked looking at all the really creative and exceptionally detailed drawings. However, most of the drawings are not as thought out as the ones shown above. Some of the drawings I received were not as good as these. Some were scribbles or shapes. I even received one of just a bunch of colors (image to the right.  It was entertaining though. Having a random stranger try to draw one of your selfies is an interesting concept. It kept me anticipating how the final result was going to turn out. A couple of the ones that I got back were actual decent. Instead of drawing my selfie, someone drew something that added on to my picture, which was an interesting result. I didn’t really get any amazing ones back, but I got some decent ones.

When it came time for me to actually draw some myself, I was excited. I gota stylus that I had and went to it. I did some easier ones since I am not an amazing artist. I drew a couple people and tried to take my time actually looking at their pictures. Instead of rushing into it, I looked at the details and drew what was in front of me rather than drawing the image in my mind. My drawings resulted in, what I think are, decent drawings.

FrenchGirlsApp_DrawingFrenchGirlsApp_Drawingfadfd (1)

 This activity made me think about how technology has become such a big part of our lives today. We now to everything on our devices, even drawing. It is now a modern form of art to draw or paint using electronic devices and people are extremely talented at it. It is interesting how it, like everything else, can be mastered. This week’s activity was very entertaining and enjoyable.

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