Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Angel Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin

The pieces in the galleries this week were different than they usually are. Usually, there are many paintings or drawings and unusual sculptures that do not seem to have a recognizable shape. However, this week we had an exhibit of videos and the significance of deportation currently and there was also a very beautiful exhibit called Labyrinth by Angel G. Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin. These sculptures were very unusually, but beautifully made. There was an image of a deer near the entrance of the gallery. As you walked further in, there was a sculpture of the shape of a human body blanketed, in what looked like, snow. It was an interesting sight to see. Next to that was a sculpture of an antler intertwined in the snow, as well. The most intriguing piece that I have seen, thus far, is the sculpture of a deer in human stance and clothing.

When I first walked up to the sculpture, I was surprised. It was a very unexpected piece. The mood and tone that each of the other sculptures brought to the gallery was more of a whimsical, wintry feeling. This sculpture gives the animal human characteristics, which, in my opinion, make it more powerful, shocking, and, above all, memorable. The sculpture appears to be made out of a mannequin with the enormous animal’s head in replacement of a replica of a human head. The clothing on the sculpture is very outdoorsy and is clothing you’d typically see hunters wearing. I think it is interesting that the animal is dressed this way. Putting a deer’s head on a hunter’s body is very symbolic. It could mean almost anything. To me, it appears as though the artist is being satirical. Putting an animal’s head on a human’s body is saying that man is much like an animal. We kill to eat just like animals do. However, animals only kill to eat. Man kills for both food and fun. I think that the sculpture is a stab at man for this activity. Either that or that man is naturally an animal in clothing, which we are.

One thing I found especially interesting was the back view of the piece. It wasIMAG0172 the first view I saw of it and it intrigued me immediately. It is intriguing because it looks like a man, except for the protruding antlers, of course. However, the actual intensity and dramatic image is not immediately seen. Once you walk around to the front of the sculpture, then you are thrown the immense head and detailed face of the deer. I thought it was interesting to experience that surprising image.

The piece overall has been one of my favorites. It is very unusual to see a work of art with these elements put into it and that is why it attracted me. It is so simple, yet creative. It grabs the view’s eye and, from what I saw while I was in the gallery, many of my classmates were just as attracted to it as I was.

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