Wk 7 – Eric Yanagihara – Classmate Interview

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Eric Yanagihara. He thankfully spelled out his last name because it is so unique that I probably would’ve spelled it wrong. I asked him where it was from and he explained that it is a Japanese last name, which is pretty awesome. Eric is a transfer student from El Camino College in Torrance. He is a junior and this year is his first year here at Cal State Long Beach. He told me that he has enjoyed his time here so far. He has two older sisters and commutes from Gardena to school every day. He is a geography major and enjoys the outdoors very much. Eric currently works at a Starbucks in Palos Verdes. He has been working there for many years and has been promoted to supervisor, which he enjoys due to the raise that the job provides.

We spoke about hobbies and the things that we both like to do on our spare time. I told him about my interest in film and we began talking about horror movies. I told him that that is one of my favorite genres and he explained that his older sisters made him watch horror movies when he was younger. He said that they loved watching them and now he likes them, as well. I thought that story was interesting because my cousin did the same with me. I would watch horror movies with him and he was the one that made me love the genre. Another topic of discussion was the show How I Met Your Mother. I told him that I have seen the entire series and he shared that he began watching it on Netflix and ended up watching the entire series, as well. We spoke about how many people were upset with the final episode, but we agreed that it was a good ending.

We continued to talk about our hobbies and he told me that he loves the outdoors and photography. Eric likes to do things, such as hiking or rock climbing. I asked him if he has rock climbed in the rec center. He said that he has not, but that he went to good look and it seemed pretty cool. He really enjoys nature from how he talked about the activities that he does. He said that he especially loves taking photos of nature and the things he sees while hiking. He has a Canon camera that he uses and is passionate about photography. The conversation I had with Eric was very refreshing and he seems like an interesting person.

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