Wk 7 – Activity – Painting

This week’s activity was one of my favorites. We had to paint, but luckilyIMAG0243 for us, Art110 allows us to expand our usual experiences and had us spray paint our names. I had been planning on going to the Venice Art Walls to paint my name there, however, I was not able to go in the end. I ended up spray painting my name on cardboard in my back yard. My father had some spray paint around the house and he let me use that. He had white, black, red, and gold. I ended up using three colors, white, black, and gold.

IMAG0249When I first became to spray paint, it was a bit hard since I have never done it before. I  had watched a couple of videos on how to spray paint in order to have an idea of what I was doing, so I based my painting off of that. It was hard at first. I had to get used to the way the paint would lay on the cardboard. I first painting the base of my name in gold. It came out illegible on my first try. I had to paint over it in order to get the shape of each letter correctly. Once I got the base of my name done, I did the outline of each letter black and added a shadow for a more three dimensional look. Adding the black made it a little bit of a challenge because it would spray into the gold and I had to go over it again. After finishing both those layers, I added a final outline in white around the entire thing. The end result, I think, came out very good. I enjoyed this activity and I see why people like using this method to paint.

While I was painting, a couple amusing things happened. My sister was outside with me watching me do the activity and she decided she was going to join me. She brought out some cardboard and began to spray paint her name. She used the same colors I did and hers came out very nicely, as well. Another funny thing that happened was that my dogs were watching us spray paint. One of them sat with the cans protecting them. Overall, this activity was a good way to broaden our artistic palettes.

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