Wk 7 – Artist Interview – Daniel Rivera and Vanessa Gamboa

One of the exhibitions this week was called Introspection by Daniel Rivera and Vanessa Gamboa. The exhibition had several paintings, each very colorful and abstract. A paper posted on the wall of the gallery define introspection as “the examination of ones on mental and emotional state.” From this definition, the viewer can infer different meanings from each and every one of these paintings.

Several pieces were hung together IMAG0216creating a sort of IMAG0214relation and connection to each other. Some were hung closer together and others more separated. There are a couple of colors that were more present in certain paintings. There was either a prominent presence of blue or pink/red. Lines and angles are seen thought each painting, as well. One thing that I enjoyed was the vibrant colors that were present in the paintings. They easily attract the viewer.

IMAG0218Each painting brings a different emotion to the viewer. The brighter colored paintings express more cheer and happiness. The paintings get darker and less colorful and joyful throughout the gallery. The lines and structures within the paintings also get less sharp and formed and become more curved and complex. One of the more interesting paintings, in my opinion was this darker one. The colors are less structured and droop down the canvas more. Unlike the other paintings where there are specific areas for each color, this painting has the colors blend together. It seems as though it took a lot of hard work to get the colors in that certain way. I enjoyed that painting very much.

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