Wk 8 – ePortfolio

This week I got the opportunity to turn the Art 110 “homework” website into “My website.” The website I have used for the past 8 weeks to turn in my homework assignments now has videos and more information about me. Before, my website was very basic and not very personal. I had the Superhero theme with a grey background and a picture of a camera, as well. My homepage was my post page, which had my posts appear in a traditional scroll-down fashion, and I had another page with one video on it and nothing else. There was no personality and no information on who I am and what I am striving to become. That changed due to this assignment.

My entire website changed, from the theme to the colors to the content. First, I changed the theme. I wanted something that was more professional looking and easier to use. I got the Fontfolio theme that shows posts in squares. The colors of the website went from gray and black to white and red, which are a bit more attractive, in my opinion. I changed my homepage to a video page that now has four videos on it. I created four sub-pages to accompany the video page. Each video has its own page with brief information on how the video was made and a short plot summary. I changed the post page to a page called Art 110. I wanted to keep that separate from the main concept of the page. Another thing I added was an About page with my picture on it. I wanted to give any viewers the chance to see who I am and what the website is about.

As for my audience, I am planning to become a film major and I have made a few videos while I was in high school I took a film class for two years and we were required to create videos, a few of which I posted on my homepage in order for people to see my work. I think my audience would be potential employers or maybe even a few people interested in some videos. I would like to communicate that I am a film-maker and that I have the talent to possibly obtain a job with a production company.

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