Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Yingying Fu

One of the most interesting exhibitions this week was the paintings of Yingying Fu. Her paintings were one of the most “normal” looking paintings that have yet to be displayed in the galleries. It is not difficult to see what the artist was trying to portray and display for her audience to see. We clearly see people lounging and enjoying the sunshine of the beach. The colors are vibrant and it is a peaceful image to see.

IMAG0256The exhibition contains three paintings in all. The first painting shows a woman sunbathing on the beach. The colors are vibrant and bright, which is one of the primary reasons these paintings attracted me. The scene is peaceful and simple. It is simple in that the audience only sees her and the scenery around her. She is the most detailed object in the picture. Each color is beautifully placed and gives the feeling of the warm sun and amazing view at the beach. There are no crashing waves or violent water behind her. The ocean is peaceful, calm, and soothing.

The next painting is just as beautifulIMAG0257 and simple. In this painting, there is a man and a woman lying in the sand and it seems as though they are talking. Again, all the vibrant, colorful, simple aspects of the piece are all present. The difference between this one and the first is that the audience can see the relationship between the two in this painting. The first merely showed the woman lounging on the sand alone and this one shows the man and woman having a conversation as they relax under the sun in the sand. The painting only implies a conversation, however. We do not see the mouths in a talking action, we see their faces pointed towards each other. This simple positioning implies the conversation. The simplicity is still there with them being the focus of the painting. This couple seems to be having a peaceful and relaxing day under the sun at the beach interacting with each other.

IMAG0255The final painting shows a group of people at, what looks like, the end of their beach day. The girl in the white looks to be picking up her towel or blanket, getting ready to leave. The other two on the right seem to be cold and it looks like the sun is going down. The sky is getting darker and oranges and purples are used to create that sunset appearance. Those on the right are shown interacting with each other. The relationship of these two is evident to the audience. Yinying Fu tends to try to make that connection in her paintings. The detail is also seen in this piece, as well. The girl’s hair in the white bathing suit is very detailed in each strand and the man furthest away, his clothes are detailed down to his hat and shorts. The artist is very talented in how she pays attention to each piece of the painting and the colors that create each of her pieces.

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