Wk 8 – Classmate Interview – Matthew Savedra

This week I met Matthew Savedra. Matthew is also a freshman at CSULB and he is a Business Management major. When I asked him why he decidded that major, he said that he felt it sounds professional and that it will allow him to obtain a good career when he gets out of college. He still does not know what he specific job he wants to have when he gets out of college, though. He is from Lakewood, whicch is very close to school and went to a private high school called Mary Star in San Pedro. He chose Cal State Long Beach because it was close to his home. He got into San Diego, but he did not want ot go that far and not know anyone. A few people from his high school are going to CSULB.

We talked about siblings during our conversation and he explained that he has an older brother. His older brother went to Long Beach City College for one class, however, school was not his favorite, so he left and went to work at the docks in San Pedro instead. Matthew asked about my sister and I told him that she is currently going to Marymount University. He, then, said that a couple of his friends are actually going there, as well, which is pretty interesting.

We also talked about our likes regarding television and music. We both like to watch Friends becuase it is a funny show. He likes to watch American Horror Story, which he does not think is as sary as everyone makes it out to be. We talked about the one episode about a killer clown and I told him about the people dressing up as clowns that were walking around at night in Bakersfield scarying people. He thoought that was very creepy. He asked what I watch and I told him that I watch How I Met Your Mother, which he  has not seen and I reccomended to him. We talked about art for a little bit since it is ann art class. We both agreed that we do not know much about art and that some of the stuff in the galleries are definitely more interesing thatn others.

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