Wk 10 – Artist Interview – Dana Fleming

IMAG0343There were many interesting and intriguing pieces exhibited in the galleries. One that really caught my attention was Dana Fleming’s piece. The sculpture has a white base and a shiny, green piano figure on top. It seems like a simple sculpture, but it is, in fact, a very creative. The base is plat formed upon a white stool figure and there is an elongated cylinder with rippled texture stretching upward. On top of the cylinder, lies a green piano. The piano is textured with shiny gems or rhinestones. When the light hits the gems, it makes the piano twinkle and accentuates itself.

The contrast of colors in the sculpture immediately tell the audience what the focal point of the piece is. White is a generic color that usual blends into the background. The walls of the gallery are white for a reason. It takes away the attention from the paintings. If the walls were painted in an elaborate way with vibrant colors and designs, people’s attention may be focused on the design on the walls rather than on the pieces. The same goes for the sculpture. The base and cylinder are painted white, so that attention is not drawn away from the focal point, the piano.

Pianos are seen as beautiful instruments that make wonderful music. To me, the piece is a symbol that emphasizes music and the beauty of the piano. The sculpture itself was rather tall, over four feet. It wanted to make itself known and visible to the viewer. The piano had to be seen and emphasized in order to communicate its meaning and symbolism.

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