Wk 10 – Devante Lindsey

I met Devante Lindsey this week and we had a conversation about our currents lives. Devante is a junior at Cal State Long Beach. He also lives in Long Beach and commutes to school every day. He went to Polytechnic High School, which is in Long Beach, as well, and not too far from CSULB. Devante and I have a conversation about clubs and Greek life. We both admitted to not being involved in any clubs or being part of any fraternities or sororities. From how he talked about Greek life, it seemed as though he was not too fond to that kind of group and those people.

We spoke about majors and minors, as well. Devante is pre-majoring in nursing and will be applying for nursing in the spring. I, on the other hand, am pre-majoring in film. He explained to me that he is taking the TEAS test in November. The TEAS test stands for the Test of Essential Academic Skills; it is an exam that tests the skills of those in pre-nursing and their predicted levels of success. Devante also told me that he is now a Health Science minor as of last week.

In addition, Devante and I talked about work, the things we do other than school, and Art 110. Currently, I do not have many responsibilities outside of school and do not have a job. Devante, on the other hand, does work outside of school. He is currently working at the Parkside dining hall. We discussed some of the art that is displayed on the galleries every week. He asked me if I enjoyed art or any particular art that was exhibited. I do enjoy viewing some art that isn’t as complex or difficult to find meaning in. Devante expressed that he does enjoy some art, as well, and does enjoy class.

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