Wk 10 – Landscape

IMAG0372For my Landscape project, I decided to create a death using an activity that many my age do. My original idea was to create scene where I get shot by a thief and lay in the grass as you see the thief running in the background. However, there were some complications to this idea and I decided to use an alternative. Instead, I created a death using a skateboard. Skateboarding is dangers, particularly when people do complicated tricks and flips on them. My photo is about a skateboarding trick gone wrong.

It was easy to create because I already have a skateboard and all I needed was some fake blood. I really wanted to have fake blood in my photo. One would think that since Halloween just passed I could go out and buy some fake blood. Something that I did not want was obviously fake bright red blood. I wanted something that appeared to be more realistic. Some dark red blood. I had experience creating fake blood for one video that I created before, Sir. Eduardo Breton, my partner in the making of the video, and I found a perfect combination of household items to create thick, dark, red blood. I used this blood in photo, as well.

IMAG0374I set up this scene and laid on the ground while someone took my picture from above. I wanted to show the skateboard and the blood to create a dead look. After I took the photo, the back of my head was covered in fake blood and dripped down my neck, which looked very realistic. I left “blood” drops all over the bathroom floor and sink of my house, which looked awesome as well. The downside to this blood is that it stains and leaves your hands red. There was a rather unexpected event that occurred during the making of this shot. Police officers were driving around the neighborhood advising everyone to stay inside for some reason. Upon hearing this I ran inside, which is probably why blood ended up everywhere. Overall, I really enjoyed this activity because it allowed me to make fake blood.

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