Wk 11 – Artist Interview – Wesley Hicks

There was an interesting exhibit this week by a sculpture of the name Wesley Hicks. His sculptures were very unique and unlike anything I have seen yet. Several of his pieces were very vibrant and colorful. In fact, nearly all of his sculptures were very colorful. Each had a different shape, size, and texture. There was one group of sculptures that intrigued me. They were tall and their textures were very detailed. They’re colors were also attractive and inviting.

IMAG0379The piece is composed of five individual sculptures. Each sculpture has different elements and gives the audience a different tone. They are also different heights, however, put together they create a triangular shape due to their height differences. The sculpture furthest to the left is short compared to the rest. It is blue and has a sort of bubble or foam appearance on top of it. It has a smooth texture on the shaft and an overflowing appearance on top. The next sculpture is rather dark and a bit taller. The color itself is in a dark tone and there is not much attached or protruding out of it. It seems isolated and melancholy. The next sculpture is the tallest of all five. It is the most vibrant and the most visible. The base of the tower has an orangey hue and it changes as your eye travels upwards to a more green color. The very tip is dark blue and it gushes and trickles down the tower shape, making it appear as if it is a liquid. The texture is very unique among the rest of the sculptures. It is ridged and has identical grooves throughout the piece. To me, it is the most interesting of the five pieces. After this green/blue rod, the rest decrease in height. The next is brown with an orange trickling down the base. The tip is flat and is completely orange. The next is the smallest of all. It is orange and has the same grooves as the tallest one, expect they are going in a different direction. The tip is bright blue and flat like the previous one.

These sculptures, individually, have different tones and meanings about them. They have different textures, colors, and forms. Together as a group, they create a shape and presence that cannot be accomplished solely. They combine together to create a vision of color and awe the audience.

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