Wk 11 – Greg Violan

I met Greg Violan this week and we had an interesting conversation. He is a second year here at Long Beach and is a computer science major. He has two older brothers, one being twenty and the other twenty three. He lives in Long Beach and commutes. Like Devante, who I interviewed last week, Greg went to Long Beach Polytechnic High school. He was even wearing his high school’s sweater.

We talked about our majors and our reasons why we decided on them. I told him that I am a film pre-major. My reasoning behind it is that I took film for two years in high school and I really discovered my passion for film making. We talked about horror movies and how some are very cheesy and ridiculous. Greg said that he tends to laugh at those kinds of movies. He then talked about computer science and why that interests him. He loves video games. He wants to create them in the future. He has been playing video games since he was small and it has become his passion. His first console was the original Play Station. He later went on to a Gameboy and then computers. Currently, he is making a platform game with a team. He says that it is very hard to make. I can tell by the way he was talking about his game and the effort that it takes to create one that he is very passionate about it.

Greg and I also spoke about classes and a few of our favorite things. We talked about my experience so far at CSULB, which has been great and my classes do not consist of too much work. His experience on the other hand is a bit different since he is a second year. He says that “once you get to your major, everything kicks in;” classes are much more difficult once studying your major. His computer science classes are challenging. He studies up to five hours a day for his classes, which I thought is very difficult doing.


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