Wk 11 – Music Video

This week gave me a chance to make a video. I jump at any chance to create a video for others to see and enjoy. I decided to make a music video and used a few of my friends to accomplish this. I have made a music video before and enjoyed the creative and developing aspect of it. I thought of a song and built my idea around it. I chose the song New Slang, by the Shins because it is a mellow and calming song to listen to. It is a slow acoustic song that is good to listen to when going for a drive. I thought of different scenes and shots that would go along with that song. Ultimately, I decided that going on an adventure or f or a drive with friends would be great for the song. I found a couple of my closest friends that were willing an available to be involved in the production of this video. I directed my friend, sitting in the passenger seat, to record certain things and also gave him the freedom to record anything he felt interesting. I felt it was crucial to have several shots that captured the friend’s memorable moments. The moments of laughter that are remembered for years. I wanted to create a relaxing and casual video for others to see and relate to.

Making this video was very enjoyable especially since I had the help of my best friends. Usually when making videos, I ask my friends for their help with either acting or shooting the actual scenes. They always make the experience more enjoyable and we create memories that we talk about years later. It was a fun experience and memory to create with my best friends. I genuinely enjoyed creating this music video. This video is another one of those memories that I share with my two friends.

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