Wk 12 – Artist Interview – Michelle Thompkins

There were a couple of art pieces that attracted me at the galleries. The second piece I saw that I found to be very creative, beautiful, soothing, and artistic was the nature pieces by…….. The piece was composed of 10 smaller pictures in black in white and each displayed different angles and designs of a pine cone. I loves the way the artist captured the unique and very complex structures that make up the pine cone. I loved it so much I would put this piece in my house. However, the piece I chose to write about this week is a much darker piece.

"Oops" by Michelle Thompkins

“Oops” by Michelle Thompkins

There was a series of dark pieces displayed on the galleries Michelle Thompkins. The style of the drawings reminded me of a book series, called The Series of Unfortunate Events. These drawings, from both the book series and the piece, were both dark and had exaggerated forms. The style is rather Gothic. There was one piece that stood out most to me, “Oops.” The piece was made with graphite and was skillfully developed.  It was very inviting and it created a scene. In the piece, girls are at ballet practice and there is one that is different from the rest. The girls are all very tall, pristine, “perfect,” and a bit snobbish. There are also very uniform. The one that stands out is shorter, less thin, but has more personality and emotion. She is stumbling and almost falling over as the other girls, including the instructor, stare with judgmental eyes. The girl stumbling is very interesting. Her face interests me most. It has such emotion compared to the rest in the drawing. She is the most lively and likable character in the painting.

A drawing from A Series of Unfortunate Events

A drawing from A Series of Unfortunate Events

The exaggeration is what attracted me most to “Oops.” The dance instructors face is the closest object to the viewer. Her nose is very large, pointy, and profound. Her upper body is also very large and exaggerated. As her body goes down to her waist and feet, it gets thinner and smaller. Her arms and legs are very, very thin, just like the uniform girls. The windows in the background are large and not very straight. Generally, when one draws windows they have straightest edges, these, however, have curves and are more exaggerated, as well. There is so much detail in every element of the piece, the wood, the lighting, the woman’s face. It is a very detailed and beautiful art work and it is my favorite piece this week.

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