Wk 12 – David Aceves

This week I met David Aceves. David is a senior here at Long Beach and this semester is his final semester. He is a civil engineering major and is passionate about it. He currently rents an apartment in Long Beach, but is originally from the San Fernando valley. Our conversation was primarily about our majors, what he will do after he graduates, and the art in the galleries.

Since David is originally from the valley, he had to dorm in previous years. He described his experience in the dorms and he admits that it is a bit better to rent an apartment. He currently is renting with his friend. He liked the dinning hall from the dorms because he did not have to cook and the food was plentiful. However, he did not like having to move out after every semester and it was costly. Living in an apartment has given him more freedom and he enjoys that. During the summer he would go back home to be with his family.

He seemed to be very interested and fond of civil engineering. He talked about being more interested in the design of structures and creating those designs. He told me about different designs regarding streets and certain buildings. He is attracted to the functionality of these structures, as well. He was also apart of ASCE, a civil engineering club. David was a part of a few clubs here on campus during his college career. He encouraged me to be more active and join clubs since I am currently not involved in anything. I asked him about what he plans
to do after he graduates. He told me that he will be job searching. Anything relating to civil engineering will be good for him, since it is such a broad subject. He said that any job would be good even an out-of-state job, however, he would prefer to stay in California.

After our conversation, we explored the different art exhibited in the galleries. We both agreed that the piece with the plates aligned in a pattern on the floor was a bit strange and not very intriguing. We also thought that most of the art is rather complex and has infinite meanings. David likes having a right and wrong meaning, since he is a civil engineer major. That is how he has been taught. We then saw the exhibition that displayed nature and was more earthy. We both preferred that exhibit out of the rest.

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