Wk 12 – Activity Feedback

During my time on Art 110, I enjoyed a few activities more than the rest. One that I particularly enjoyed was the painting activity. Even though I did not get a chance to go to Venice to spray paint my name on the art walls, I really enjoyed going outside and spray painting something. It was fun doing something out of the ordinary instead of the usual brush and paints. The next activity I liked was the ePortfolio. I liked that we got a chance to refine and make our websites our own. It was a good way to push me into adding videos to my site and making it more professional. I had been trying to modify my website for weeks before the activity, and it allowed me to make it perfect. Another activity that I liked more was the Instagram activity. It was nice seeing what my classmates do throughout the day and the different interests we all have. There were so many similarities, as well, and I found it interesting seeing what we all feel is important in our lives.

The activities I found to be least interesting were Counterfactual, landscape, and kick starter. The reason I did not enjoy the Counterfactual as much was because I found it to be a bit irrelevant. I did not see the purpose of dressing up and talking to people. I see how perception changes by appearance, but I do not enjoy talking to people randomly. The landscape was an interesting concept, however, it was very simple and kind of strange. Doing a different activity regarding photography would have been better.

Overall, Art 110 was an enjoyable class. The different activities were fun to do and experience. I was able to find new interests and try new things. It is always beneficial to expand one’s intellectual and artistic palette. The class was very simple and easy, in the best way. It was not boring, but entertaining. Talking to a different classmate each week was a good way to meet new people. Whenever I see someone I’ve interviewed around campus I smile and greet them. It’s nice talking about different things and getting to know people. I also enjoyed seeing the different art each week. There were some that were very strange and others that I loved. Going to the galleries was always an entertaining day. The most useful aspect of the class was making our own website. That was my favorite part. I am going to continue to add new things and new videos to my site. This class was a great way to create a place for others to view my work.

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