Wk 13 – Freddy Varela

On week 13, I have met yet another classmate and we had a great conversation. This week I met Freddy Varela. Freddy was explaining to me how he is a third year here at Cal State Long Beach. Freddy and I had a conversation about his major. He is currently a recreation therapy major, which I found to be quite fascinating. I can tell that he is rather passionate about this by the way he was talking about it and, especially, by his hobbies. A few of Freddy’s hobbies include various kinds of sports. Sports from soccer to basketball to running and swimming, as well.

In addition, Freddy and I also talked about where we are from and whether we commute or dorm here on campus. Freddy advised me that he is from the area and is, in fact, from Long Beach. I, on the other hand, am also from the area, however, I am a bit further away from Long Beach. He went to Milligan High School, which is also in Long beach. I had asked Freddy if he was involved in any clubs or sports while he was in high school. He explained to me that he was not in any sports, however, he has always enjoyed playing sports on his free time.

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