Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Jeff Dulla


There was a very interesting piece displayed in the galleries this week. It was in the Gotav East gallery and it was a very vibrant and complex painting. It immediately captured my attention and I was determined to write my view of this piece. There were a few other large paintings, very similar to this one, displayed in the gallery, as well, however, this one was more gripping. It was a large painting that took up an entire wall. The colors used are quite captivating. From afar, one can immediately see the presence of a powerful tree with the various bright and dark reds used to create it and the glorified temple, with its golden hues and divine presence.

It was a rather environmental piece. Within the painting, there is an evident admiration of nature. There is an emphasis on a tree and its beauty (on the right), as well as other natural aspects, including hills, fields, and manmade creations like temples (on the left). The symbols contain very serious meanings. It is a painting about nature and how its beauty is being destroyed horribly by oil wells. The painting clearly shows houses, people, and the beautiful temple, being dragged down and annihilated by the oil well. The oil well is spraying oil throughout earth, from both the air and through soil as well. The giant and stunning tree’s roots are being contaminated with the oil. The darkness of the oil is spreading to the bright, vibrant tree, which in turn is killing it. The oil is shown to be traveling down to an abyss with civilization and nature. It is as though the oil well is throwing the beauty down the drain. It is a very powerful message. The details in the painting are quite breathtaking. The important and admired aspects are highlighted with vibrant colors and immense detail and the destruction is represented with black and utter ugliness. It is a beautiful piece to experience.

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