Wk 15 – Savanah Cheung

img_1432This week I was approached by Savannah Cheung and we had a great conversation. Like me, Savannah is a first year here at CSULB and is undeclared. She is originally from the San Gabriel area and she dorms here. She goes back home every weekend where she works at Cold Stone. She used to work at AMC, but she did not like the tasks she had to do there. She went to San Gabriel High School where she was part of cross country, track, and theater.

We spoke about our hobbies and the things we enjoy doing on our free time. She told me that her and her friends enjoy going to see movies. The most recent movie they have gone out to watch was Horrible Bosses 2. It seemed as though it was not her favorite movie, but I think she liked it. They had also seen Gone Girl, which she loved. She believes “it was well written” and she recommended it. She also loved Big Hero 6, she thought it was a great movie. Savannah and her friends also enjoy playing video games together. Her preferred kind of games are adventure games, Zelda being her favorite series. She has two brothers so she grew up playing video games. We talked about TV shows and she admitted that she does not have much time to watch TV. She does, however, listen to music. Her favorite is alternative and she generally does not have a favorite band, it depends on her mood. Recently, she has been listening to Modest Mouse, which is a good band.

Next, we talked about film, since I am a film major and her friend is interested in film, as well. Savannah told me that her friend enjoys going around the neighborhood with all his film equipment and having their friends help him make videos. She has been involved with a couple of his works. I told her about how I did the same. I would get a couple of my friends to help me with videos every now and then. She told me that she recently bought him a green screen, which is awesome. We spoke about how expensive certain equipment is and how her friend saved the money to buy all of his. She said that she is artistic and likes being creative. Currently, she is considering majoring in interior or graphic design. It seems as though she was very interested in doing something with a creative aspect. It was refreshing to have a conversation with someone about our interests and aspirations.

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